Dewan Amal – 16th November 2018
The audience in the hall anticipated an entertaining show and the pupils were not disappointed. The finals of the inaugural Seminda’s Got Talent kicked off at 9am with a solo performance and was cheered by the audience.

Thirteen other performances comprising a band, duets, dances, solo performers,a pianist, and a monologue followed suit in entertaining the audience.

The competition was won by Afiqah Irdina with a captivating monologue. Wakanda Band came up second and a dance group called Destiny came third. All participants received a prize, handed out by Puan Norlia, the GKMP Bahasa.

Seminda’s Got Talent was organised by the English Panel. The finals was judged by Cikgu Manaf, Cikgu Asreen and Cikgu Ingrid.

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